Bar Food

Roasted spiced almonds €3.50

House marinaded olives €4

Grilled flatbread, hummus, dukkah €3.50

Ham & smoked cheese croquettes €3.50

Parmesan fries, truffle mayo €6

Crispy buttermilk squid, tartare sauce €5

Roasted squash, almond aioli, dressed kale, harissa oil, dukkah (V) €9

Gambas pil pil, garlic, chilli, white wine, toasted sourdough €15

Heirloom tomatoes, Toons Bridge mozzarella mousse, crispy olive bread €10

Crispy chicken thighs, ‘nduja hot sauce, blue cheese dip €8

CQ beef burger, bacon, smoked applewood cheddar, baby gem, caramelised onion mayo, brioche bun, fries €18

SIDES €4.50

Shaved fennel, za’atar

Baby gem, parmesan, truffle, lemon dressing

Grilled broccoli, chilli, ponzu

Fries, mustard mayo

Service charge of 12.5% on tables of 6 or more.